Blood donation campaign within the Archdiocese of the Lower Danube

Elena NastaseAllgemein


The Archdiocese of Lower Danube organised, in cooperation with the Regional Centre of Sanguine Transfusion of Galati, between 10-11 November 2015, an action of Christian solidarity and philanthropy for the benefit of the hospitalized young persons  as a result of the fire of 30 October 2015, in the Club Colectiv from Bucharest.

The people from Galati got involved in such a large number that the capacity of the Blood Transfusion Centre – Galati was exceeded. Therefore, the Archdiocese of Lower Danube decided to provide  the medical practice rooms from “Cosma and Damian Saints” Medical Centre from “Saint Vasile the Great” Social-Philanthropic Settlement.

At the blood donation campaing attended priests from the Diocesan Centre, the Cathedral and from the parishes in Galati, professors of the Theological Department of the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology, and of the “Saint Andrew the Apostle” Theological Seminary, theological students, seminarian students, religion teachers, and lay employees of the parishes of the city.

The Regional Blood Transfusion Centre – Galati provided the campaign with specialized staff and the necessary technical equipment. Depending on need and availability, the campaign of blood donation campaign organised  at the Lower Danube Archdiocese may continue in the coming days – informs.