Galati Marathon 2015 – The Green Dowry

Elena NastaseAllgemein

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“Galatzi 2020” came up with a project proposal called  „ The Green Dowry” and it is supported within the „Galati Marathon 2015” Event organized by Galati Community Foundation, which is taking place on 13th of September 2015.
Our project aims to offer Galati citizens, local natural and healthy products, grown under environmentally friendly conditions.
The project is set to weekly deliver a basket of traditionally produced vegetables and fruits, subscription-based. The products will come from 10 households from our county.

The delivery system aims to support, on one hand, small farms by offering them a decent return, and by the other hand, the urban consumer by giving them access to local and seasonal quality products.
Contributions and donations will finance the minimum operating logistics for the delivery system (transportation, administration costs for an online platform etc.) and will operate on a non-profit basis, revenues being directed to sustainability and development of the project.
To learn how you can join us, please visit our link:

Thank you for your support!

Team “Galatzi 2020 ‘