Romanian youth – aspirations versus reality

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The youth. A crucial  socio-demographic category to any country’s future.

What does the Romanian youth think of the education system and what is their subjective perception regarding school experience? What are their concerns on aspirations and reality, regarding their professional path? What are their perspectives and gaps between their education and the requirements they need to meet on the labor market, after finishing studies?

Entrepreneurial and volunteering initiatives among young people.

What is the attitude of the young people regarding Religion? Religious attitudes and behaviors towards abortion, contraception and homosexuality.

What is the interest of the Romanian youth towards politics and how do they protest in front of injustice?

These and many other questions that you will find response to, in the chapters of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation’s study. By this study, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation – Romania, aimed to fill a gap in our information on youths aged between 15 and 29 years old. The initiative of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is but one of the regional initiatives aiming to analyze the youths’ status.

These studies’ fields of interest (including the study in Romania) looked at: the youths’ socio-economic status, cultural consumption; concerns and aspirations; education and the labor market; values; spirituality; social and political involvement.

As it is mentioned in this study’s section dedicated to methodology, the study on the status of youths in Romania was made by intertwining quantitative and qualitative methodologies. In this respect, the Urban and Regional Sociology Center (CURS) – the institute which FES-Romania selected for this project – completed an opinion poll on a sample of 1302 respondents aged between 15 and 29 years old; the face-to-face interviews took into account a random, layered and representative sample for this population segment.

Regarding the content of this report, it does not contain a comprehensive analysis of the answers to all the poll questions; such an approach would have been far beyond our intention and (financial and time) resources. The content of this report contains a selection of the issues that both FES experts and CURS experts considered relevant or interesting for the Romanian society (i.e. socio-economic status, social and educational mobility, concerns and aspirations, social and political involvement, etc.).

As far as the form of this report is concerned, we opted for an approach that the general public, who is not specialized in this field and the decision makers may consider accessible.

In addition, the information brought to the attention of the readers of this study may be set up as a premise for understanding the future, as it is the attitudes and the concerns of youths today that will affect their actions, and their actions will shape the future.

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