Workshop “Accelerating development in the Galati region”

Elena NastaseGeneral


In the context of the economic promotion initiative Galati 2020 a workshop took place on the 2nd and 3rd of June in Galati. Among the participants were representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the public administration and the economy. The workshop was comprised of two parts, on one hand there was a series of speeches dealing with EU funding, the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and future project activities, and on the other there were three working group phases dealing with the business sectors agriculture, tourism, lifelong learning, logistics as well as building trade and energy efficiency.

The workshop aimed to foster the dialogue of those responsible in the chosen business sectors. In specific working groups the different market systems and their actors were analyzed. Moreover, problems of the sectors and possible solutions were discussed and documented. The moderation of the different working groups was carried out by Mr. Rolf Ackermann from the Department of Advanced Training of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Education Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Jürgen Raizner, Head of Steinbeis Danube Center/Competence Center, Hans Füller, former chairman of the Wirtschaftsgilde (an organization occupied with business ethics) and Rainer Bausch, former head of the agricultural office in Herrenberg.

Both the participants and Fairventures Worldwide were satisfied with the outcomes of the workshop. As a result, precise analyses of the sectors were compiled and a first pilot project for the agriculture sector was developed. For the other sectors promising solutions were identified and those responsible for each sector were appointed and a project coordinator was contracted. The persons responsible for the sector will help the project coordinator to make sure that solutions will be put into action. The tasks of the coordinator include the representation of Fairventures in Galati and the application for EU funding. Fairventures Worldwide will support the coordinator with its expertise and will continue to work on the ascertainment and the implementation together with the other members of the steering committee in Germany.

Fairventures would like to thank the Romanian Orthodox Church and the public University of Galati for helping to plan and carry out the workshop and all participants. Special thanks go out to the evangelical Lutheran bishops Dr. Renz, Prof. Dr. Maier and to the regional bishop of Württemberg, Dr. h. c. July whose donations made this workshop possible in the first place.

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